NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER, Betty Garrett, knitting between scenes, 1949

TCM to Pay Birthday Tribute to Actress Betty Garrett

Celebrating what would have been Garrett’s 105th birthday the network is showing a marathon on May 23.

frank sinatra

Raise A Glass for Crooner Frank Sinatra on the Anniversary of His Death

Take a look back at Frank Sinatra’s top movies and songs along with rare photos.

circa 1933: The Marx Brothers, sons of German immigrants to New York. From left, Leonard or Chico ( 1891 - 1961), Herbert or Zeppo (1901 - 1979), Julius Henry or Groucho (1895 - 1977) and Adolf or Harpo (1893 - 1961).

Celebrating 100 Years of the Marx Brothers with Fun Facts, Was One Named After a Shoe?

They were the top vaudeville performers for years.

See Some Very Good Dogs From Past Westminster Shows

Check out newsreel and TV footage from roughly the past 70 years of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Play Ball! 25 Best Baseball Movies Ever

Hollywood’s top films about the game truly hit it out of the park.

Claude Akins, Bruce Dern, Henry Fonda, Yul Brynner, Robert J. Wilke, Johnny Cash, Lee Marvin

Roundup of Top 11 Vilest Western Villains in TV & Film

From Yul Brenner to Bruce Dern, y’all will love this cattle drive of the meanest villains in Westerns from the big and small screen.

Box-Office Bunny Bugs Bunny, 1990

MeTV Launching a Channel For All Of Your Favorite Nostalgic Cartoons

Get ready to feel like a kid again!

Darius Rucker performs at Ascend Amphitheater on October 14, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Darius Rucker Part of Free Concert Celebrating ‘From Where I Stand: Black Experience in Country Music’ Release

The expanded release of the 1998 box set “From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music” features over 80 songs.

Svengoolie with machine

May Day! Svengoolie is Back With His Top Picks for May’s MeTV Horror Movies

There are some spooky ones this month!

Turner Classic Movies May Schedule collage

Free! Printable Turner Classic Movies May 2024 Schedule

Plus TCM is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Sessue Hayakawa as the star of the month.

Bewitched Agnes Moorehead, in her dressing room, (1965), 1964-72

Agnes Moorehead’s Roles Before ‘Bewitched’ That You May Have Forgotten

Her very first movie role was extremely impressive.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, Alfred Hitchcock, 1955-62

Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense’s 13 Best Works on Film & TV

The famed director may have passed in 1980 but his films live on forever.

TOM AND JERRY, 1965-1972

Tom & Jerry Originally Had Way Different Names & Other Fun Facts About the Cartoon

The famous cat and mouse duo are over 80 years old!

Allen Funt with Candid Camera sign, 1964

Years Before ‘Survivor,’ These Reality Shows Paved The Way

Reality TV has actually been around since the early 1950s. Do you remember all of these shows?

a black-and-white 1994 photo of Robert Osborne standing at a lectern and speaking during the launch announcement of Turner Classic Movies in April 1994.

TCM Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary & Original Host Robert Osborne

On April 14, 2024, 30 years to the day since its launch, Turner Classic Movies will air a daylong marathon of movies featuring their original intros from first host Robert Osborne.

THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW, Dean Martin, 1965-74

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Rat Pack Star Dean Martin

‘The Dean Martin Show’ wrapped 50 years ago in 1974, but did you know these facts about the star?

MONSIEUR SPADE, Clive Owen, as Sam Spade, (Season 1, premiered Jan. 14, 2024). photo:

Clive Owen Talks Playing Iconic ‘Maltese Falcon’ Character Sam Spade

The star does a delightful job channeling Humphrey Bogart.

CANDID CAMERA: THEN AND NOW, from left: Allen Funt, Angie Dickinson, 1983,

Smile! You’re on ‘Candid Camera,’ Classic Clips From the Prank Comedy Show

Did you know the popular show is over 75 years old?

image of the MGM studio's opening logo during the 1950s, featuring the lion roaring in the center of a circle, around which reads:

TCM Celebrates MGM’s 100th Anniversary in April 2024

The legendary Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio was founded a century ago, on April 17, 1924. Turner Classic Movies is celebrating each Monday in April 2024 with daylong lineups of legendary MGM films from across the various decades of its existence.

circa 1948: American actor Robert Mitchum (1917-1997) holds a book of matches while smoking a cigarette outdoors

Tales of the Bizarre: Robert Mitchum Was Released From Prison in 1949 for WHAT?!

This wouldn’t happen in most places today.

Malczewski's Butter Lambs

Can You Bring the Butter Lamb to Easter? Excuse Me, What?

Over 100,000 butter lambs are prepared each season.

Sally Field 'Flying Nun' Highway to Heaven' Michael Landon; Sieter Act, Oh, God!

Ultimate Trivia: How Well Do You Know These Heavenly Shows & Films?

Who played Jonathan Smith on ‘Highway to Heaven?’ Take our heavenly quiz to find out!

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956.

Hollywood Heaven: Top 9 Movies That Opens up the Pearly Gates

Over the decades, Hollywood has looked up at the pearly gates and wondered what it takes to gain entrance

Last Chance Garage on Motortrend, 1933 Ford Roadster

Classic Cars Get Restored on New Series ‘Last Chance Garage’

Delightful to see classic cars like a ’67 Mustang, ’69 Chevy Nova, 1933 Ford Cabriolet and so many more get restored to their original beauty.

LOS ANGELES - 1990: A view of 11 Oscars statues lined up next to each other in 1990 in Los Angeles, California.

Shocking Oscar Firsts! Did You Know Winners Were Announced Ahead of Time?

The 2024 Oscar ceremony included a few notable firsts, take a look back through the years at some other firsts.

4/10/1967-Hollywood, CA-ORIGINAL CAPTION READS: Actor Steve McQueen and his wife arrive for the Academy Awards.

It’s Time to Rock The Red Carpet! Photos, Facts & Crazy Events Of Oscars Past

Take a walk down memory lane with some of these classic Oscar arrivals and wins throughout the years.

image from the 1992 Oscar ceremony picturing, from left to right, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Jonathan Demme, each holding the Oscar award they won for

Horror Movies at the Oscars

Historically, horror movies may not have gotten a lot of love from the Academy Awards, but there have been notable occasions when entries in this genre have at least been nominated and even had major wins.

image from the 1992 movie

Watch Some Irish-Themed Movie Classics on St. Patrick’s Day 2024

“The Quiet Man,” “The Luck of the Irish,” “Far and Away” and more will help classic movie fans get into the spirit of the holiday.

Calgary, Alberta - January 13, 2023: Vintage comic book collection showing comic book covers,

These Rare Superhero Comics Can be Worth Big Bucks

Crime doesn’t pay … but fighting crime does! Items dedicated to comic book heroes have hit high-flying prices.

Actress Hattie Mc Daniel is shown with the statuette she received for her portrayal in

Hattie McDaniel Changed History by Becoming the First African American Oscar Winner

She was truly an inspiration.