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Classic Vampire movie collage

Dracula Rises: Screenland’s Most Terrifying Vampires

Fiends on Film! Check out the movie history of Count Dracula and other classic blood suckers.

THE MISFITS, Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, 1961

‘The Misfits’: Unhappy Trails for a Hollywood Era of Big Stars + Behind the Scenes Photos

A somber end to a shining star, remembering Marilyn’s last film on the anniversary of her death.

BOB HOPE 1971 CHRISTMAS USO TOUR -- Aired 01/14/1971 -- Pictured: Host Bob Hope

Bob Hope: A Long & Storied Career With the USO

Remembering Bob Hope on the anniversary of his death and his massive support for the USO during wartimes.

WONDER WOMAN, Lynda Carter, 'Beauty on Parade', (Season 1, aired October 13, 1976), 1976-1979

Lynda Carter: Super Hero & Wonder Woman

The story of the woman who came to play wonder woman in the hit ABC and CBS TV series is a wonder unto itself.

Liindsy Wagner Lee Majors Bionic Woman and Six Dollar Man

Better… Stronger… Faster! TV Fans Went Wild For Bionic Superpowers

‘Bionic Woman’ Lindsay Wagner celebrates another year around the sun June 22, take a look back at her iconic series.

CLEOPATRA, Rex Harrison, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, 1963.

Love In The Desert: Burton & Taylor sizzled in ‘Cleopatra’

The epic masterpiece turns 60

Esther Williams in swimsuit about to dive into pool, circa 1945.

Remembering Esther Williams, Hollywood’s Mermaid Queen

The ‘Bathing Beauty’ star Esther Williams died 10 years ago today.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956.

Hollywood Heaven: Top 9 Movies That Opens up the Pearly Gates

Over The Decades, Hollywood Has Looked Up At The Pearly Gates And Wondered What It Takes To Gain Entrance

Annette Funicello, 1963. ph:

Sand, Surf And Shimmying: Remembering Annette Funicello 10 Years After Her Death

Annette Funicello, the Mouseketeer who first ignited teenage imaginations on drive-in movie screens across America was the girl many of us grew up with

Cars at a drive-in movie theater graphic

Hollywood On Wheels: Drive-In Theaters Were Magic in Motion

Nowadays you don’t see many drive-in theaters in operation, but back in the day they were the ideal movie experience for a mobile America