Lisa Whelchel Talks ‘Collector’s Call’ & Hunting Down ‘Facts of Life’ Piece

Collector's Call, MeTV
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Collector’s Call host Lisa Whelchel loves to delve deep with enthusiasts on the lookout for something special as host of the popular MeTV original series. The beloved The Facts of Life actress takes a trip down memory lane in each episode with collectors who have amassed unique pieces worth, in some cases, a small fortune. Welchel enlists the expertise of a professional appraiser to not only come up with the total value of these collections but also try to tempt the collectors with a trade. One coveted item for another.

So far, season 4 featured iconic movie props and costumes, decades-old penny arcades, pinball machines, classic toys, Hollywood cars, motorcycles, and Barbie dolls. Not to mention the massive memorabilia treasure trove of KISS, Garfield, Betty Boop, The Monkees, and everything in between.

It has been quite the nostalgic ride for Whelchel as she travels the country hearing personal stories and building connections beyond the materialisc. Here the star previews the final episodes of the season. You’ll also find an exclusive clip centering on the September 10 episode centering on one superfan’s Cher collection.