John Lithgow & William Shatner Pulled Epic Prank on ‘3rd Rock From the Sun’ Set

3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, from left: John Lithgow, William Shatner, 'The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 1 ' (Season 5 | Episode 21, aired 23 May 2000), 1996-2001,
Michael Yarish. /Carsey-Werner/Courtesy Everett Collection
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Two years ago, Joseph Gordon-Levitt revealed that his former 3rd Rock From the Sun co-star John Lithgow had a real gift for getting everyone into panic mode on April Fool’s Day. Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor recalled when Lithgow had Gordon-Levitt’s mother convinced the prince of England was coming to the set of the show for a visit, and she went all-out to prepare. That turned out to be a prank, and she retaliated by putting a gaggle of crickets in his dressing room.

As it turns out, that wasn’t even the best fake-out Lithgow pulled on the set of the hit ’90s sitcom about a group of aliens living a middle-class life on Earth.