From ‘General Hospital’ to ‘Big Shot’: John Stamos’ Life on TV

DREAMS, John Stamos, 1984.
Curt Gunther/TV Guide/CBS /courtesy Everett Collection
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We first met John Stamos in 1982 when he appeared as troubled teenager Blackie Parrish on ABC’s daytime drama, General Hospital. While he’d leave the show in the spring of 1984, he made a huge impression and quickly became destined for greater things, making Port Charles the first of many stops on television for the Cypress, California native.

Though he started on a daytime drama, Stamos seemed destined for sitcoms after stints on short-lived comedies like CBS’s Dreams and NBC’s You Again? where Stamos played the son of TV veteran Jack Klugman (The Odd Couple). Of course, we all know Stamos hit the sitcom lottery in a big way with the huge success of ABC’s Full House (and he would revisit the role of Uncle Jesse in the recent Netflix reboot, Fuller House).