A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For the Mom Who Loves TV

Mothers day gift guide
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When asked what we’re getting our mothers for Mother’s Day, it’s fairly common to draw a blank. It’s not because we don’t love our mothers or don’t know them well enough to think of something (after all, most of us have known our moms our whole lives). If anything, there’s an overwhelming plethora of ideas that initially come to mind but maybe aren’t quite special enough. A new mug for her morning cup of tea? That trending makeup product you keep seeing all over TikTok? Athleisure?? Blah.

Instead of getting caught in the trap of underwhelming options, we decided to seek some gift inspo from the TV shows that brought our mothers the most joy – especially the ones we grew up watching with them, like CheersHappy DaysThe West WingSeinfeldGeneral HospitalDownton AbbeyFriends, and more.

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