Jason Priestley Talks ‘Disgusting’ Brad Pitt, New Show ‘Wild Cards’ & Shannen Doherty

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Jason Priestley recently appeared on Live With Kelly and Mark and dished on the old days. Before he was a big star, best known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210, Priestley was like any other struggling actor in Hollywood and lived with a ton of roommates. For a while, one of his roommates was Brad Pitt. For those jealous right now, it wasn’t always great because Priestley revealed that Pitt rarely showered and the only thing in the fridge was beer.

He explained, “Brad wasn’t as bad as my other roommate, who was an absolute disaster, but Brad was okay. We used to play this game, all of us, to see who could go the longest without showering. I think about it now, I’m like ‘Dude, how disgusting! What were you thinking?’” He added that the winner was, “Brad, always Brad. I don’t think he does that anymore, but back then, he could go a long time without showering.”

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Priestley then opened up about his new The CW show Wild Cards. According to IMDb, Wild Cards is about “a spirited con woman and a demoted by-the-book detective are given the chance to redeem themselves. The catch? They have to find a way to work together each using their unique skills to solve crimes.” The show also stars Riverdale‘s Vanessa Morgan and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Giacomo Gianniotti.

Wild Cards Jason Priestley, 'The Infinity Thief', (Season 1, ep. 101, aired Jan 17, 2024)

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He shared what it was like working with the stars and said, “Me and my daughter watched those first few seasons of ‘Riverdale’ together it was super fun. Giacomo I wasn’t familiar with at all. He came onto ‘Greys Anatomy’ later on in the run of that show and I wasn’t watching at that point in time. But he is super talented, super nice, super professional. So is Vanessa. The two of them, the chemistry that you see between them on screen is real, they really are an amazing team.” Priestley plays Morgan’s character’s father on the show.

Beverly Hills 90210 Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, (1992), 1990-2000.

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Lastly, Priestley had some kind words to say to his former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty who has been battling cancer for many years. He said, “She is a very strong-willed young lady.” Watch Wild Cards on The CW now.

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