What Channel Are the NFL Playoff Games On? Remember When We Didn’t Have to Ask That!

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Remember when finding where to watch the NFL playoff games was simple. You just plunked yourself down on that plaid tweed couch and packed your family and friends in a way-too-small living room, and then you just turned on the TV and could find the game in like seconds? It was easy, there were only three or four broadcast channels then!

The Season 2 episode of The Conners “Throwing a Christian to a Bear” (pictured), where the Conners struggle to welcome a Cheesehead in their midst when Becky brings her new boyfriend (a devout Christian and a Green Bay Packers fan) home to watch the Bears/Packers game reminds us of these old days.

Today, it’s a major production. Games are scattered all over and range from traditional broadcast networks to streaming services some people never heard of (do you know how to get Fubo or Peacock?). You actually have to plan ahead to make sure you have a streaming service if you want to enjoy the game. The 2024 NFL Wild Card weekend is one of those situations, as the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs game on Saturday, Jan. 13 is on the streaming service Peacock. Thankfully you have until 8pm ET to figure out how you are going to get yourself settled with that service, or find a friend or family member who already subscribes.

We know our ReMIND magazine readers need a little help when it comes to the complexities of TV viewing these days, so here’s the lineup and what channel to watch the 2024 NFL playoff games.

Saturday, Jan. 3

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans on NBC and fubo at 4:30pmET

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs on the streaming service Peacock at 8pmET


Sunday, Jan. 14

Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys on FOX and fubo at 4:30pm ET

LA Rams at Detroit Lions on NBC and fubo at 8pmET


Monday, Jan. 15

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills on CBS and Paramount+ at 4:30pmET

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Buccaneers on ABC, ESPN and fubo at 8:15pmET


We’ll update you later on the divisional rounds.

Now go get your crockpot warming, your pimento cheese dip with those Pina Rye Chips made, and enjoy the game!

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