Donald Faison Tells Hilarious Story About How Jerry O’Connell Was in High School

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Donald Faison, best known for his roles in Clueless and Scrubs, recently swung by The Talk to discuss his new show, Extended Family. Extended Family also stars Jon Cryer and Abigail Spencer. Besides discussing the new show, it was also a great reunion for Faison and Talk co-host Jerry O’Connell who went to high school together. While they were a year apart, they became fast friends and even were in the chorus together.

Faison decided to tell a funny story about O’Connell while they were attending Professional Children’s School in New York. He said, “Jerry would cut class and walk around in school, he would cut class in school and literally walk past the class that he’s supposed to be in to go to other people’s classes. And walk in and be like is it cool if I do ‘The Jerry O Show?’ And the teachers would allow him to do it.”

Extended Family Abigail Spencer, Jon Cryer, Donald Faison; inset: Matthew Perry, TV GUIDE cover, December 18, 2023 - January 7, 2024

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He continued, “He was a year older than me but at the school we went to we always hung out. So, the kid from ‘Stand By Me’ walks in….and goes I have a little joke to tell.” O’Connell’s joke was about how he would ask a girl to punch him in the stomach to show off but one time, she punched him in just the right spot and he farted! The Talk co-hosts had a good laugh and then O’Connell had his turn to talk, with Faison worried that he was going to tell an embarrassing story about him. Instead, he chose a heartwarming route.

Jerry Maguire Jerry O'Connell, 1996

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O’Connell shared, first talking about his joke, “It wasn’t a joke as much of a nightmare…I’m going to get serious for a second, Donald and I were in chorus together, this is true. Donald, you had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard…all joking aside, I’m so proud of you, we’re all so proud of you.” He also added that Faison would often get picked for solos and it was very impressive.

Donald Faison, c. 2000s

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Watch the entire interview below. Watch Faison’s new show Extended Family now on Peacock and Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC and watch The Talk on CBS and Paramount+.

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