‘The Floor’ Contestants Can’t Guess These Famous Bands & Cereals, But Could You?

Cereal boxes without the logo on

FOX’s new gameshow The Floor (Tuesdays at 9/8c) aired its second episode last night, and a few of the categories challenged even the most knowledgeable music, toy, and cereal aficionados.

The game show, hosted by Rob Lowe, is a quiz show in which 81 players proclaim their area of expertise in unique categories —  these categories range from insects, toys, movie characters, rock stars, drinks, cereal, nepo babies (children of celebrities), bands and more. Each of the players occupies a space on a grid. A player is chosen at random to challenge another contestant in a fast-paced duel of knowledge based on their areas of expertise, with the winner claiming the loser’s space. Over 10 weeks, the player who conquers all the spaces on The Floor wins $250,000. Each week, however, the player who has the most space wins $20,000.

“You’re an expert in your category, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to play in your category,” Lowe told us. “If you win in your battle, you inherit that category. The good news is you win. The bad news is that you’re now no longer representing the category that you came here with.”

In last night’s episode of The Floor (episode 2), a few contestants had their expertise challenged and defeated. “There’s no way I’m going to be beaten in cereals,” shared a confident Greg, who when the trivia screen showed boxes of Mueslix, Cookie Crisp, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he couldn’t name it. Losing over Mueslix was a hard one to digest.

Greg lost to the winner of the night — Tom, a 38-year-old tour guide, who claims to be an expert in trivia and proved it.

The best duel of the night was when Tom was challenged by Kevin, a 35-year-old photographer from Florida, on Tom’s area of expertise — bands. Throwing both contestants for a loop was the manner in which the bands were displayed. Instead of giving clues like album covers, lyric names, or photos of the band – it was a photo left to interpretation. For example a police officer for the band Police, a picture of Eagles flying for The Eagles.

Can you identify any of these bands or toys that were missed in last night’s episode?

1. Can you name this toy?



It’s a View-Master (not a View-Finder which the contestant answered incorrectly).

2. Can you name what this band would be by looking at this image?


It’s The Cranberries.

3. Can you name what this band would be by looking at this image?


It’s a far cry from what the band members look like, but this is KISS.

4. Can you name this toy?


It’s an Erector Set.

5. Can you name what this band would be by looking at this image?


It’s The Cars.

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