ABBA Sang Waterloo, ‘Towering Inferno’ Was on Fire, How Well Do You Remember 1974?

1974 collage, Happy Days, Land of the Lost, Goodfather II, Nixon
Everett Collection

We had witnessed Watergate, a trial of epic proportions, one that made the country question the foundations of democracy … and we just wanted to relax and have a choice in the matter. We wanted life “our way,” to sit back and listen to Carl Douglas singingKung Fu Fighting,” ABBA singing “Waterloo” and Steve Miller going on about the pompatus of love in “The Joker.” Take our quiz and see what you remember from 1974.


1974 (50 Years Ago)
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1974 (50 Years Ago)

January 2024

In this time capsule issue of ReMIND Magazine we look back 50 years ago to 1974!

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