How Old School Are You? Find Out With ‘Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition’

Stock photo, directly above shot of an old typewriter.
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Ever used a typewriter? If so, that's a zero for you in the "Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition" game

There’s been a fun game going around recently on Twitter and other social media called “Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition.” (It seems to have started a few months ago, and has been modified in different variations. So I’ve been unable to find out from where it originated, or who created it; my apologies to that person for being unable to properly credit him or her.)

In this retro variation of the classic game Never Have I Ever, seen in the photo below, you give yourself one point for everything on this list that you’ve NEVER done.

The list consists of a lot of things that many people of a certain age likely HAVE done — and perhaps STILL do — so getting a low score here may date yourself, but in a fun way. It indicates that you are a true old-schooler, or at least an old-schooler at heart (I know there are younger nostalgia fans out there who like to dabble in some of the older things, too).

Check it out, and see what score you get:

photo list of Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition


In my case, if this had been a drinking version of Never Have I Ever, I would have been pretty sloshed by now — I scored one point. The only thing on this list that I’ve never done was have an account on MySpace (which is actually still around). The rest I have done, and still do on some occasions.

If I were to get points for some of the things that I still do once in a while (even as I also embrace and use modern technology) I’d probably score at least a five.

I still like to listen to the occasional CD, Walkman, vinyl record or cassette tape (in the Walkman, of course); I still often bring a paper map to consult on a road trip (I use Google Maps and similar tools, too, but those have steered me wrong from time to time); I still pay most monthly bills via sending a check in the mail (I don’t use checks in the supermarket lane or anything); and I will sometimes watch one of the many VHS tapes I accumulated in days gone by (especially the original versions of the first Star Wars trilogy that I bought before the special editions of the films came out and largely replaced those).

How about you? How low can you go on this test of your old-schoolness?

We’d love to hear, so let us know! We’d also love to hear about any of these things that you still use/do.

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