Leonardo DiCaprio’s Co-Star Lily Gladstone Recalls Saving Up to Buy ‘Titanic’ VHS From Toys ‘R’ Us

Killers of the Flower Moon Lily Gladstone as Mollie Burkhart, Leonardo DiCaprio as Ernest Burkhart, 2021
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Lily Gladstone‘s life has changed a lot. When she was a young teenager, she recalls spending her allowance on the double VHS set of Titanic from Toys ‘R’ Us. It is hard to believe that not only is Toys ‘R’ Us not really around anymore but VHS tapes have become almost obsolete. Gladstone was a fan of Titanic‘s star Leonardo DiCaprio long before she was able to work with him in the Martin Scorsese film Killers of the Flower Moon.

She explained, “I had been a fan of Leo long before that. My first film that I watched him in was, I can’t remember which one came first, but it was either What’s Eating Gilbert Grape or This Boy’s Life. I loved Romeo + Juliet.” She added that she already wanted to be an actor at that time and he was a big inspiration for her. She never imagined that she would get to work with him almost 25 years later.

Titanic Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio, 1997

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Gladstone stars as Mollie, an Indigenous Osage woman who is married to DiCaprio’s character Ernest in Killers of the Flower Moon. Before filming began in 2021, Gladstone said that she started watching DiCaprio’s and Scorcese’s films. Around the same time, DiCaprio texted her and invited her to dinner.

Killers of the Flower Moon Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, 2023

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She shared that they had dinner together, cooked by his private chef, and added “we hung out by the fire outside, just [talking] about, I don’t know, our childhoods.” While the progression from watching DiCaprio in films to starring in a movie alongside him seems like a dream, Gladstone said that she always imagined her success.

She concluded, “My dad always put it in my head that this would be my path. And when you’re younger, you kind of believe that.” Gladstone recently became the first indigenous actor to win a Golden Globe for her role in the film, proving that her father was definitely right about her path in show business. She began her acceptance speech by speaking in the Blackfeet language, an Algonquian language spoken by the Blackfoot or Niitsitapi people.

Lily Gladstone, winner of the Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama award for "Killers of the Flower Moon," poses in the press room during the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 07, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California

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She shared in part of her speech, “This [win] is a historic one. It doesn’t belong to just me. I’m holding it right now. I’m holding it with all my beautiful sisters in the film at this table over here and my mother, Tantoo Cardinal, standing on all of your shoulders. Thank you.”

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