John Stamos & Bob Saget Were Not Friends While Working on ‘Full House’ at First

Full House Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Bob Saget, 1987-95
Warner Bros. Television/Everett Collection

John Stamos recently stopped by to appear on his former co-star’s new podcast. Full House star Dave Coulier hosts the Full House Rewind podcast, where he invites some very special guests to reminisce about filming the iconic ’90s show and shares behind-the-scenes fun facts. Stamos was one of the first guests and he revealed some interesting tidbits about working on the show, including how he and the late Bob Saget didn’t get along at first.

In the podcast episode titled “Our Very First Night,” the co-stars talked about the show’s beginnings. They revealed the ways that Saget got annoyed working on the show, mostly with some of his character’s quirky attributes. Stamos and Coulier’s characters got more physical comedy bits which garnered big laughs from the live audience. They said that Saget would get a little jealous and he hated all of the cleaning that his character did, especially vacuuming a vacuum!

Full House Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Bob Saget, (Season 1, 1987), 1987-95

Lorimar Televison/Everett Collection

Coulier added that “it drove Bob nuts” to have to clean so much and that he was always trying to get laughs from the audience or even the cast. Despite working on a family-friendly show, it wasn’t always friendly on the set. Stamos admitted that he “pissed off” Saget early on in filming. He explained, “He was the most humble egomaniac we’d ever met. … We didn’t like each other in the beginning.”

Full House Dave Coulier, Bob Saget, Ashley/Mary Kate Olsen, John Stamos, (Season 3), 1987-95

Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Stamos continued, talking to Coulier, “You and I immediately had chemistry, and we worked on our stuff. … When you get a script and you rehearse Monday or Tuesday, and Dave and I were get a bit… Because what was happening was the writers and Jeff [Franklin] were watching us off camera, too. And they were seeing our shenanigans and catching our chemistry and they started writing to us.”

Fuller House Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Cold Turkey, (Season 5, ep 512, aired June 2, 2020).

Mike Yarish/Netflix/Everett Collection

He added, “So they would give us these complicated, physical, funny bits, and we would make more out of them. But when you do those in the run-through, you have to be spot on, and we were. Or it gets cut. Where Bob was just kinda like, [makes nonchalant noises]. And then, we just started getting more laughs, and he thought, ‘I’m tired of being the straight man on here.’ I think Jeff said, ‘Well, let’s do more of this cleaning, dust-busting thing.’ [Bob] hated that.” Over the years, the entire cast got closer and Stamos, Saget, and Coulier became like brothers. Sadly, Saget died suddenly in January 2022.

Check out the entire podcast:

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