KISS Surprises Fans During Farewell Show in New York City

10th May 1976: American rock group Kiss arrive at London airport for their first European tour, already sporting black and silver make up and costumes. From left to right they are guitarist Ace Frehley, lead singer Gene Simmons, guitarist Paul Stanley and drummer Peter Criss
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The iconic band KISS recently played their farewell show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday. As the band said their final goodbyes to their fans, they debuted something new and surprising at the end of their set: their virtual avatars. It seems as though KISS will join bands such as ABBA in presenting new stage shows with virtual performances in the years to come.

KISS has been on their final tour for years now and have even done several farewell tours. They always seem to come back, itching for another night of rock and bizarre antics. However, it really does seem like the end for the band, at least in the physical form. When the show wrapped up, a screen popped up and shared the new digital avatars of KISS with the phrase “A NEW ERA BEGINS.”


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Guitarist Paul Stanley shouted, “Kiss army, your love — your power — has made us immortal. The new Kiss era starts now. Oh yeah!” The company Pophouse Entertainment, which has also brought fans the ABBA Voyage show, is working with KISS for the new digital show.

Gene Simmons of US rock group Kiss

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Stanley also shared in a press release, “It’s exciting for us to go the next step and see KISS immortalized. I mean, we’ve spent 50 years building it to this point. And by working with ILM and working with Pophouse, we’re all sharing this vision of taking KISS to a completely different level beyond being just a music band. And we’ve always thought of ourselves as more than just a music band.”

Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer of Kiss perform onstage at Staples Center on March 04, 2020

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA

Which begs the question, would fans really spend their hard-earned dollars to see a virtual performance? If ABBA Voyage is any indication, then yes. Hardcore fans seem to enjoy the virtual shows, which promise cutting-edge technology and convincing avatars that make it feel like the band is really on stage. Plus, no chance of delays or issues due to human behavior. Only time will tell what their virtual show is really like but first tell us, would you go see a KISS virtual-style show? One fan captured the announcement and sneak peek… check it out below:

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