How McDonald’s New ’80s-Inspired Restaurant CosMc’s Compares to the Original

The exterior of a McDonald's fast food restaurant, USA, August 1970. The location of the outlet is possibly on Interstate 90 in Rapid City, South Dakota
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

McDonald’s has been pretty quiet about its new restaurant CosMc’s but TikTok users have been incredible sleuths, finding out information about the location and menu for the rest of us. CosMc’s is a spin-off restaurant based on a McDonaldland character from the ’80s. CosMc is an alien character who would often visit McDonaldland and wears a space outfit.

A TikToker named @snackolator seemingly found the site of the new restaurant in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and said that it has four drive-thru lanes, and is being built right next to a current McDonald’s location. The exterior of the building is blue and the sign has a retro look.

@snackolator I have no idea what CosMc’s will serve, but I’m very excited to find out what McDonald’s has up their sleeve for this new concept. Are you excited for this new chain? What are you hoping they have? #mcdonalds #mcdonaldslife #mcds #cosmc #cosmcs #fastfood #mccafe #fastfoodlife #macdonalds #newfastfood ♬ original sound – snackolator

In July, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski confirmed the new restaurant but didn’t give many details. He simply said during an earnings call that it will be a “small format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality.” He promised more information will be available in the upcoming months.

An X user by the name of @Stealx was able to grab photos of the drive-thru menu as they were reportedly filming a commercial ad. The menu features plenty of coffee and tea drinks, including “Signature Galactic Boosts,” which seem to be flavored energy drinks. The menu also boasts sandwiches, baked goods, frappes, and more. Some social media users speculate that it will be a Starbucks or Dunkin’ competitor.

If the building looks complete and they are filming ads, chances are the restaurant will open soon. Can’t wait to see the reviews! What do you think of the new restaurant CosMc’s? Will you try it if it is available near you?

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