Ultimate Trivia: Do You Know Your B-Movie Queens?

B Movie Queens Jayne Mansfield, Pam Grier, Mamie Van Doren collage
Getty Images/Everett Collection

B-movie queens are a special brand of bombshell, usually relegated to the second feature beneath the marquee picture at the local movie house. You probably recognize their faces though their names aren’t so familiar.

Most of them never made it into big-budget movies, but that didn’t mean that when they walked onscreen, jaws didn’t hit the floor.

B-movies were a staple in Hollywood up through the golden era, adding to the available moviegoing fare with serials and Westerns, sci-fi and horror scream-fests, and a baker’s dozen of exploitation films — blaxploitation, low-budget crime, spaghetti Westerns, kung-fu films, biker, women in prison, etc.

 Test your knowledge to see how well you know these classic beauties.


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