Fans React to ’90s Con and Meeting Their Favorite Stars

'90s Con
That's 4 Entertainment

It was a massive flashback to the ’90s — gawdy designs, hyper-color shirts, fanny packs, scrunchies and just about every TV star you could have imagined — all of that energy gathered at That’s 4 Entertainment ’90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, this weekend. Show reunions for Saved By The Bell, Beverley Hills 90210, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more brought in avid fan bases, all clamoring to get seats for show panels and get a glimpse of their favorite stars. The vibe was amazing from the second you walked onto the convention hall, which was littered with Instagram-worthy photo ops everywhere and oozing ’90s decor and music every direction you walked.

Fans at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut

Many fans came out donned in their favorite cosplay character or just donning the attire of the decade. And if dressing up wasn’t your thing, no problem, vendors lined the convention hall selling ’90s themed stuff that ran the gamut from bags, wigs, albums, toys and jewelry to artist sketches, glossies, Ferbies and scrunchies (and more scrunchies) allowing you to get in the spirit. As with any con, the fans were there to see the stars and that the convention delivered.

“The best day of my life,” one fan said of the show.

90s con fans dressed in Clueless characters

Surprise Celebrity Visits

Some surprises included All That‘s Kenan Thomas showing up unexpectedly and joining Kel Mitchell for the show’s panel. Both Keenan and Kel will be back working together for  Good Burger 2, a sequel to their iconic feature film, which is based on their characters Dexter and Ed from All That. Kel also greeted fans on the convention floor signing autographs and taking pics.

Melissa Joan Hart Was Hilarious

Caroline Rhea, Elisa Donovan, Nate Richert, Melissa Joan Hart, Jenna Leigh Green and Beth Broderick from Sabrina the Teenage Witch had so much fun walking the Red Carpet and meeting up with fans and other celebs. Hart wanted to lineup all the celeb guests to see how many of them she may have kissed on TV over the years.

Caroline Rhea, Elisa Donovan, Nate Richert, Melissa Joan Hart, Jenna Leigh Green, and Beth Broderick of the TV series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" attend the carpet at 90s Con on March 18, 2023 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Blue’s Clues Is Still So Beloved

Fans brought their notebooks – of course — to get autographs and photos with Blue’s Clues‘ Steve Burns.

90s Con Blues Clues fans

Boy Band Reunion and Merch

The Boy Band panel welcomed Joey Fatone (NSYNC), Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC) and Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) — who talked flatulence, dancing, Jeff being way too sexy, competition, group texting (Justin Timberlake still texts in the group message) and so much more. And when Timmons said “I swear,” they broke out harmonizing All-4-One’s hit “I Swear.” Their lighthearted sharing of memories kept fans laughing for well over 40 minutes. After the panel, fans could shop for all sorts of swag including the flashback toys of the band members.

90s con in Hartford, Connecticut

90210 & Charmed Reunions

Beverly Hills 90210 stars Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty flanked fans for two-for-one photo ops. The rest of the cast joined, as well, greeting fans and taking the stage for a panel discussion.

Although 90210 and Charmed were both panels at the ’90s Show, Shannen Doherty did not pull double duty, she only took part in the Charmed panel. She did get a little salty after fans booed the mention of the newer CW series, voicing her support of the new show and the opportunity it offers other actors.

Spinning the Music

Pumping up the volume and providing the true vibe of the event was DJ Tre, who will be back at it later this year at the ’90s Con in Tampa, slated for September.

DJ Tre from 90s con