‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Talked About Working on Documentary About Williams Syndrome

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Christopher Knight is celebrating not only his birthday but a brand-new venture. He is now a partner with Former Prodigy Media. The company launched its first movie last year and Knight is opening up about how the storyline warmed his heart. The movie, called Truelove: The Film, is centered around a teen named Callie Truelove who has a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. It ended up being a documentary about the disorder and serves as a way to spread awareness about the rare condition.

Knight shared, “We didn’t start out making a movie that would be an awareness piece for Williams syndrome, but we’re grateful that it can be used in that way.” He added about Truelove, the film’s star, “She melted my heart. she melted my wife’s heart. She’s just miraculous in that regard, in that she brings people together — and it was not just her.”


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Truelove received attention when she started a Facebook page back in 2014. The Georgia teen also appeared on the YouTube Channel called Special Books by Special Kids in 2017. After her appearance, Knight and his co-producer Phil Viardo became interested in learning more about Truelove and doing a film about her. The documentary shares her experiences meeting others with Williams Syndrome across the country, whom she had only previously connected with on social media.

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic condition first defined in 1961. It can affect the cardiovascular system, as well as joints and development. Many people with Williams Syndrome are highly talented in music and have advanced verbal skills. Knight admitted that he had never even heard of the condition before meeting Truelove.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 14: Christopher Knight attends the US premiere of "The Inventor" at Hollywood American Legion on September 14, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

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He added, “The one audience we wanted to make sure that we were accepted by was the Williams community. And there was a great outpouring of support at that matter of fact. Not only support, but they wanted [the final movie] immediately, interestingly, for their own families to be able to show other members… to describe what this is that their child might have.”

Truelove: The Film is available to rent or buy on Prime Video and Apple TV+. It is also streaming on YouTube, Tubi, and Plex.

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