Meg Ryan Teases Surprise Cameo in Her New Romantic Comedy

WHAT HAPPENS LATER, from left: Meg Ryan, David Duchovny, 2023
Bleecker Street Media/Everett Collection

Meg Ryan is back with a brand-new romantic comedy also starring David Duchovny. In the film, called What Happens Later, the two play ex-lovers Bill and Willa who meet unexpectedly at the airport after years of no contact. When a snowstorm cancels their flights, they are forced to spend the night together at the airport and go over their romantic history. As with any rom-com, expect sparks to fly.

While Ryan and Duchovny star in the film, they recently teased a special cameo in the film. The airport announcer is credited as Hal Ligget, which is a pseudonym for an actor that has not yet been revealed. Ryan, who also directed the film, revealed, “All I can say about Hal Ligget is that he’s somehow able to put his heart and his soul [into the part]. He got laughs and he’s an extremely generous performer, and I can’t say much more. I just am so grateful that he did the movie.”

The name Hal Ligget is a nod to the artificial intelligence HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. While fans are left guessing (the voice can be heard in the trailer below), Duchovny said that even he doesn’t know who did the voice work in the movie. Although he has been kept in the dark about that detail, he had nothing but praise for Ryan and the film.

WHAT HAPPENS LATER, from left: David Duchovny, Meg Ryan, 2023

Bleecker Street Media/Everett Collection

He shared, “For the chance to work with Meg in a comedy like this, I mean I was going to do it immediately. And Meg and I started talking about it, and it took a year to get everything going. But we rehearsed and we rehearsed on Zoom. We just read and read, and read. And Meg would change, she’d go back and rewrite. And then by the time we got there, I had done more rehearsal than I’ve ever done in my life for anything, and it was fantastic.” What Happens Later is in theaters on Friday.

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