They’re Real … and They’re SPECTACULAR!

Seinfeld Teri Hatcher

ALF tries to rig the TV ratings, Teri Hatcher makes a spectacular guest spot on Seinfeld, and Rob and Laura reminisce on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Classic TV on Today: Thursday, March 16

All Times Eastern.

ALF: “Prime Time”

Laff, 11am

HA! ALF kills the Nielsens! In this Season 2 episode from 1987, the Tanners become a TV ratings family, and ALF decides to rig the system so that his favorite programs (like Polka Jamboree) don’t get canceled. “ALF, we just don’t think that the ratings people are interested in … viewers from outer space.”

Seinfeld: “The Implant”

Comedy Central, 2pm

Teri Hatcher guest-stars as Jerry’s (Jerry Seinfeld) girlfriend Sidra in this classic from Season 4 in 1993. Does Sidra have breast implants? Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) thinks so, and Jerry goes into a tizzy trying to find out if they’re real or not. I think we all know the answer:

The Dick Van Dyke Show: “Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced”

Decades, 10pm

In this Season 1 episode from 1961, while rummaging through Rob’s (Dick Van Dyke) old army equipment, Rob and Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) recall that he broke her foot the night they met.