Potato Chip Day Quiz: Are These Extinct Chips Real or Fake?


Think you know your chips?

Nothing can satisfy a salty craving better than potato chips. The crunch… the salt… the texture… with so many flavors out there, it is easy to find your favorite kind of potato chip. Add a dip for your chips and it is heaven. Now I’m hungry! March 14 marks Potato Chip Day which celebrates the start of the popular snack back in 1853! A chef named George Crum was sent back some potatoes for being too thick and soggy. He decided to cut them thinner and fry them up; his customer loved them! It was added to the menu under the name “Saratoga Chips” and soon other restaurants began copying them.

In the early 1900s, several companies began creating and selling potato chips as more of a snack instead of a side. These days, there are so many different variations that it can be hard to choose a favorite. Over the years, there have been some types of potato chips that were so odd that they were never going to last. To celebrate the day of the crispy, salty, potato, see if you can guess which of these extinct types of chips are REAL (as in you could once purchase them yourself) or FAKE?

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