New Sean Connery Biography Published With 40th Anniversary of ‘Never Say Never Again’

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, Kim Basinger, Sean Connery, Barbara Carrera, 1983,
Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection

The main title of the book is Connery, Sean Connery, a reference to the famed phrase, “The name is Bond, James Bond,” the first words Connery speaks on screen as Bond in Dr. No, the initial 1962 big-screen 007 movie.

The actual 40th Anniversary of never Never Say Never Again is October 6, 2023.

With an in-depth perspective, Connery, Sean Connery, which is also available in audiobook form by Tantor Media, defines and distinguishes the iconic star’s life and career Before, During, and After His Most Famous Role, which aptly serves as the book’s subtitle.

With a Foreword by Barbara Carrera, Connery’s co-star from Never Say Never Again, and an Introduction by Richard Demarco, Connery’s lifelong friend, Connery, Sean Connery also features exclusive commentary from actors like Brendan Lynch (another of Connery’s lifelong friends), Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball), Tippi Hedren (Marnie), among many others.

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, Sean Connery, Barbara Carrera, 1983

Everett Collection

According to Connery’s friend and colleague, Bill Daly, “There’s much I didn’t know about Sean Connery, but this book clarifies it all in a very compelling way. It’s a real page-turner, and I had difficulty putting it down. Herbie J Pilato displays an elegant writing style that is rarely seen today.”

David Naylor, the Telly/Saturn-Award-winning producer/director, and James Bond documentarian, calls the new Connery bio, “A comprehensive, and thoroughly researched analysis of one of the greatest icons of popular culture…full of fresh insights into Connery’s journey, and the colossal impact he had on our lives. Pilato’s grasp of the screen persona we all came to embrace… and beyond… is fluid, and captivating.”

Herbie J Pilato will be signing copies of Connery, Sean Connery on October 6 and 7 at The Hollywood Show in Burbank. Click here for more information about the book or the event.


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