Iconic Model Twiggy Says She Disapproves of Botox

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Famous model Twiggy, whose real name is Dame Lesley Lawson, has confirmed that she has never gotten any cosmetic surgeries, including procedures such as Botox. The 74-year-old has a very different view of aging than many of her celebrity pals. She admitted that while these procedures are commonplace in Hollywood and the modeling industry, they actually scare her.

Twiggy explained, “I’m kind of proud of my wrinkles. I understand when people have little tweaks and maybe I’ll even do it, I don’t know. But what I don’t think I’d ever do is all the stuff they inject, when they get those funny cheeks that look like cotton wool balls have been stuffed in them. It would frighten me.”

English model, actress, and singer Twiggy holds a maple leaf while standing in the middle of King's Road in Chelsea, London, UK, 13th June 1966

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Even Botox is off the table for Twiggy as she added, “It’s botulism, isn’t it? And I never fancied the idea of that floating round my body.” To stay in shape, Twiggy credits Pilates for keeping her healthy and helping to alleviate some back pain.

Twiggy, the model, holding onto a pole of a dodgem car at Bertram Mills Circus, Olympia

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Just this year, Twiggy was seen looking wonderful wearing a menswear-inspired outfit at the photocall for her new documentary called Twiggy at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. The documentary, directed by Sadie Frost, focuses on her career as an IT girl, which began in the ’60s when she was discovered at just 16 years old. By 17, she was on the cover of impressive magazines like Vogue.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: Twiggy attends Vogue World: London 2023 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane on September 14, 2023 in London, England

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She had a whole new look than the world was used to a skyrocketed into fame. Twiggy is still known as one of the most famous and influential models of our time, later on judging the show America’s Next Top Model. You can watch the documentary on Prime Video.

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