Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Celebrate 35 Years Married

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One of the most adorable Hollywood couples is celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been together for over three decades and have worked together many times during their long careers. To commemorate the occasion, Bacon shared a throwback photo of himself and Sedgwick cuddled in a chair. Sedgwick also shared a throwback photo and wrote about how the pair met while working on the film Lemon Sky in 1987. It was seemingly love at first sight as they were engaged by the end of the same year.

Just a year later, they got married and quickly had two children, Travis, 34, and Sosie, 31. Sedgwick once shared the story of how they got together. She said that Bacon organized and paid for group dinners for the entire cast, hoping that she would come so he could get to know her more. When she didn’t show, he made sure to bump into her and asked her out to dinner. She said, “When I did fall in love with Kevin, it really just felt like there was some urgency to get married, and I don’t know what it was. Suddenly this thing came over me and I was terrified. He was just the one, you know? He was just the soul mate, he was just the one.”


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35 years later, he is still the one. Both credit a sense of humor as the key to a long and happy marriage and they said that their favorite thing to do is go for walks and “shoot the s—.” On a more serious note, they have been seen together on the picket lines in New York City in support of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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While they like to work and play together, as they have been seen in movies such as Pyrates (1991) and The Woodsman (2004), they also have some charities. Bacon founded SixDegrees, a nonprofit that helps many other nonprofits and causes and they collaborate with a nonprofit called WhyHunger, which aims to end hunger and poverty.

THE CLOSER, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, ' Waivers of Extradition ', (Season 5, August 24, 2009), 2005

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They have a lot to be grateful for including their two children. While Travis is currently working as a musician, Sosie has followed in her parent’s footsteps and is pursuing an acting career. Some of her big roles are in 13 Reasons Why (2017-2018), Mare of Easttown (2021), As We See It (2022) and Smile (2022). Congrats to the couple on such a big milestone!

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