Remember the One When Brooke Shields Was a Stalker?

FRIENDS, Brooke Shields, Matt LeBlanc, Season 2, 'The One After the Super Bowl'
NBC/Everett Collection

Today’s TV picks feature some good laughs, from Brooke’s famous guest-starring role on Friends to Frasier going back to school and Johnny Carson chatting it up with Burt Reynolds. Plus, enjoy a countdown of the very best of 1970s game shows.

Classic TV on Today: Friday, March 10

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Friends: “The One After the Superbowl”

TBS, 5pm

This was a memorable two-part Season 2 episode that featured several guest stars including Julia Roberts, Chris Isaak, Fred Willard and Brooke Shields. In the episode, Shields stars as a crazy admirer named Erika who writes Joey (Matt LaBlanc) and encloses her eyelashes. Joey, being Joey, is excited he has his very own stalker, but when Erika shows up unannounced at his apartment, he ends up asking her out. Erika is cray-cray-crazy, believing he’s really his character Dr. Drake Ramoray. As for his “Friends” who threw the water at him? LaBlanc gets the last laugh in this one.


The Very VERY Best of the 70s: Game Shows

AXS TV, 8pm

In tonight’s countdown show, AXS TV ranks TV’s favorite game shows of the ’70s. From cash prizes to sing-alongs, your heart will be pumping as the clock is ticking while they look back at these fast-paced game shows of the ’70s. Bob Eubanks, Anson Williams, Catherine Bach and George Wallace give their opinions! A few of the shows making the countdown include Let’s Make a Deal, The Dating Game, The Gong Show and Name That Tune.


Frasier: “Motor Skills”

Cozi TV, 9pm

In this hilarious Season 8 episode, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Niles (David Hyde Pierce) realize they could have used a shop class back in their younger years and now need a crash course on auto mechanics after Frasier’s car stalled. They, of course, take student life a bit too far and become the class clowns. Enjoy more laughs, also, as Martin (John Mahoney) and Roz (Peri Gilpin) fight over the new puppy.


Johnny Carson

Antenna TV, 10pm

Talk about a lineup! This March 2, 1977, episode featured Burt Reynolds, Jay Leno, Jack Douglas and Diana Ross.