John Stamos Is Feeling Nostalgic On His 60th Birthday

John Stamos birthday
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Full House star John Stamos just celebrated a milestone birthday as he turned 60 years old. As he enters a new decade of life, he was feeling quite nostalgic and shared some of his favorite memories from birthdays in the past, including some featuring friends who have since passed away.

Stamos shared a video featuring stars such as Tom Hanks, Bob Saget, and Don Rickles. He captioned it, “Looking back on some of my favorite birthday memories over the years. Tomorrow is 60…” In one clip, Hanks sings a song to a group of friends and jokes, “There’s not a lot of words that rhyme with Stamos!”


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In another, the late Saget, who passed away unexpectedly in January of 2022, shares a heartfelt speech, “John, I really love you a lot, and I’m really happy that I’ve been celebrating your birthday for a month already. Oh my god, but you deserve so much happiness, and you are so full of love, and you are such a great person, and the talent and the looks — everybody resents. But you know you’re just a heart, and I love you very, very much.”

FULL HOUSE, Dave Coulier, Bob Saget, Ashley/Mary Kate Olsen, John Stamos, (Season 3), 1987-95

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Those who knew Saget say that he was always sharing how much he loved his family and friends and was very kind. Another late star, Rickles, can be seen giving a speech to Stamos at one of his birthday celebrations. He said, “[John] always sits around with me and we talk about love and marriage, and all that jazz. I try to be a friend as well as a second father, so to speak. But I tell you, God has given this man a great deal of dignity, a great deal of love, and a style that God can never take from him. He puts his arms around you, and you know it’s love.”


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This year, Stamos has a lot to celebrate. He also shared some newer photos of his current fun with his wife Caitlin McHugh, and their five-year-old son Billy. He has often talked about having a child later in life and how he is so happy because he never thought it would be possible. He shares photos of the family doing fun outings, including the pair dressing up as Elvis Presley for Billy’s first birthday.

Happy birthday, John!

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