Anthony Michael Hall Admitted He Tried to Look at His Movie Mom’s Breasts

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, Anthony Michael Hall, 1983.
Everett Collection

Anthony Michael Hall was just about 14 years old when he filmed National Lampoon’s Vacation and his hormones were raging. He admitted in a recent interview that while they were filming the hilarious movie, he tried to catch a glimpse of his co-star Beverly D’Angelo‘s breasts, who played his mom in the movie. She had some nude scenes in the movie and Hall tried to watch but ended up getting busted.

During a cast reunion at Fan Expo Chicago over the weekend, Dana Barron brought up the story. Hall jumped in and said, “Should I pick up the story right here? So, I got busted because I tried to sneak onto the set when Beverly was doing the shower scene.” D’Angelo added, “I get a lot of guys who say I was the first boobs they saw.”

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, John Candy, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Barron, Anthony Michael Hall, 1983

Everett Collection

While D’Angelo and Chevy Chase returned for each Vacation film, the actors who played their children changed every time, so Hall only filmed one of the iconic movies. D’Angelo said that it worked to keep her and Chase together because they have a natural chemistry.

She explained, “Ellen and Clark are born out of the chemistry that Chevy and I have. It’s not like we slip into those roles, but there’s something about our brains that makes it very easy to go into. Just there’s something about our chemistry we’re comfortable with, we’re suburban kids, maybe. I don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s our chemistry that made those people.”

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, (top l-r): Dana Barron, Anthony Michael Hall, (bottom l-r): Beverly D'Angelo, Chevy Chase, 1983

Warner Bros./Everett Collection

She shared, “By ‘European Vacation,’ I inherited the role of Chevy whisperer. So it would be a weird dynamic. Like nobody would want to say, ‘Chevy, move over there’ or ‘Chevy, do this or do that’ because it’s Chevy. You know what I mean? And you don’t know what he’s going to say to you.”

Tell us, which Vacation movie is your favorite?

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