1980s Show ‘Growing Pains’ Could Be Coming Back

GROWING PAINS, back row: Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns, Alan Thicke, Leonardo DiCaprio, front row: Ashley Johnson, 1985-1992
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In the midst of what feels like every show getting a reboot or a remake, the ’80s sitcom Growing Pains is no exception. A reboot is reportedly in the works and Growing Pains star Jeremy Miller, who played Ben Seaver, has a lot of thoughts. He revealed that he actually pitched a sequel series that would be similar to Fuller House. It would have the original cast return in a continuation of the series. Miller said that he pitched the idea to Warner Bros. and was shot down.

THE GROWING PAINS MOVIE, Jeremy Miller, 2000

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Now with rumors about a revival, he is sharing his thoughts. He said, “I do not know if a real reimagining would work. … It is very hard to capture that nostalgia. When fans want to see the characters they knew and loved and you’re bringing something new to the table it doesn’t elicit the same response. A new generation I think it would be difficult. The chemistry we had as a cast would be difficult to recreate. It really is tough to get that magic, that chemistry. We were a family. You can’t just build and start that from scratch. We really were a family. We all knew each other. We knew each other’s kids, each other’s brothers and sisters. We were a 200-person family. And that’s very difficult to recreate. ‘There is a magic that comes through on screen.”


Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Miller added that if Warner Bros. does not want to do a sequel series at all, he would suggest that they bring back the original cast and mingle them with newcomers. It could attract both nostalgic and new viewers. Fuller House did quite well with this, bringing back most of the original cast of Full House but adding in some new characters. Miller said that he had worked with some of the Growing Pains‘ original writers and producers to pitch the sequel and they wanted it to be in honor of Alan Thicke, who played patriarch Dr. Jason Seaver. He died in 2016.

GROWING PAINS, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, Joanna Kerns, Jeremy Miller, Alan Thicke, 1985-1992

Everett Collection

Miller’s idea would have included some flashbacks to remember Thicke and pay tribute to his iconic character. However, it seems that Warner Bros. shot all of that down and want to make the new Growing Pains show a bit more edgy than the original. No additional details have been made public but hopefully, they plan to bring back some of the original characters.

If you want to watch the original series, you can do so on Amazon Prime. Keep in mind there were two sequel films that aired in the 2000s too.

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