Turner Classic Movies Summer Under the Stars: Jackie Cooper

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Summer Under the Stars (SUTS), Turner Classic Movies’ annual August programming favorite, returns August 4 celebrating Jackie Cooper.

Nephew of actress Julie Leonard and director Norman Taurog, Superman Jackie Cooper got his start in Hollywood as an extra when he was still a child. At age 9, he was the youngest-ever Best Actor Academy Award nominee for the 1931 film Skippy (1931), about a precocious boy who tries to help a new friend from across the railroad tracks save his pet from a cruel dogcatcher. Before he retired in 1989, Cooper starred in over 100 films, and TCM is showing 15 of them today, including Skippy, Ziegfeld Girl (1941), a musical drama also starring James Stewart and Judy Garland, The Champ (1931), about an alcoholic ex-boxer trying to provide for his son, The Devil is a Sissy (1936), which costars Freddie Bartholomew and Mickey Rooney and follows three young boys growing up in a poverty-stricken Manhattan, and Divorce in the Family (1932), a musical romantic drama directed by former prizefighter Charles Reisner.

ZIEGFELD GIRL, Judy Garland, Jackie Cooper, 1941.

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