Remember ALF? He’s Back … in Complete Series Deluxe Edition DVD Form!

promotional image for the 1986-90 sitcom
Courtesy Everett Collection

Gordon Shumway, that wisecracking Alien Life Form who hails from the planet Melmac and is better known to Earthlings as ALF, will crash-land onto a 24-disc DVD collection from Shout! Studios this fall.

Available in the U.S. and Canada starting Oct. 17, 2023, ALF: The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition) is described by Shout! Studios as “definitive” and will include every episode of the hit 1986-90 sitcom starring the cat-eating alien, who mostly appeared as a puppet created, performed and voiced by Paul Fusco, co-creator of the series with Tom Patchett.

image of the box for Shout! Factory's "ALF: The Complete Series Deluxe Edition" DVD collection. The box is angled so we can see the front, facing right, which has ALF the furry brown alien, seen from the next up, resting his cheek on his right palm. He is against a white background, an above him, in red lettering, is the title of the collection. We can also see a bit of the box's side, which has the title in white against a red backdrop, and also indicates this is a 24-disc set.

Shout! Studios

These episodes have been restored to their original broadcast length for the first time in 30 years, so you can fully enjoy the wacky adventures of ALF after he crash-lands into the garage of the Tanner family: dad Willie (Max Wright), mom Kate (Anne Schedeen), daughter Lynn (Andrea Elson), oldest son Brian (Benji Gregory), youngest son Eric (Charles Nickerson) and cat Lucky (then Lucky II, following the first Lucky’s passing).

ALF‘s opening theme music was co-composed, with Tom Kramer, by a guy actually named “Alf”: Alf Clausen. Clausen also scored the episodes and would famously go on to compose the incidental music for many episodes of another beloved sitcom — The Simpsons — between 1990 and 2017.

The release from Shout! says that the Feb. 9, 1987, Season 1 episode “Try to Remember” — in which ALF loses his memory after accidentally electrocuting himself in the bathtub — has been edited for content, “but represents the best existing version.”

There are no details on these edits, but they may be the ones that NBC itself had made to the episode, changing the cause of ALF’s memory loss from electric shock to a head injury following viewer complaints.

Also included in the set is the 1996 ABC TV movie Project: ALF, which served as a series finale after the show was unexpectedly canceled following its March 24, 1990, episode, “Consider Me Gone,” which had ended on a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger. Along with Fusco, Project: ALF costars Miguel Ferrer, Ed Begley Jr., Ray Walston and Martin Sheen.

promotional shot for the 1996 TV movie "Project: ALF." Standing in front of a chain-link fence is ALF, a furry brown alien in a full-body shot, standing about3 feet high. In his right hand he is holding out a cap belonging to a military officer, and ALF is laughing. On the other side of the fence, hatless, is that military officer, played by Martin Sheen. He is clasping the fence and looking humorously angry at ALF.

© Alien Prod. / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Martin Sheen out to get ALF in Project: ALF


But we’re not done yet, ALF fans!

The DVD collection will also include all 26 episodes of ALF: The Animated Series, which aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 1987-January 1989, and all 21 episodes of ALF Tales, another NBC Saturday morning cartoon that ran from September 1988-December 1989.

image from "ALF: The Animated Series." It is a cartoon drawing of ALF, a furry brown alien, who is sitting in his spaceship.

© DIC Enterprises/Everett Collection

ALF: The Animated Series


DVD bonus features listed on the pre-order site include a new look back at the series with Fusco and Patchett, and ALF on ALF audio commentaries with ALF and Patchett for select episodes.

In terms of other goodies, Shout! will be offering this DVD collection in three exclusive bundles (some quantities are limited):

ALF: The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition) + Poster + Prism Sticker

ALF: The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition) + Poster + Prism Sticker + Vinyl

ALF: The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition) + Poster + Prism Sticker + Vinyl + Enamel Pins + Lunch Box + Melmac Rock

(Sorry, Milhouse, but none of these bundles appear to contain ALF pogs.)

For more details and/or to pre-order an exclusive bundle or just the DVD collection, visit this link.