Beatles’ Ringo Starr Turns 83 + “All You Need is Love” Came Out Today in 1967

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The birthday of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr coincides with another special date for the band. Back on July 7, 1967, the iconic band released one of their hit songs “All You Need is Love” to UK audiences and U.S. fans soon after. The song became one of their most recognized tunes and appeared on the Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine soundtrack albums. Reflecting on the message of the song, Starr celebrated his birthday with his annual Peace & Love event, encouraging fans to spread, you guessed it, peace and love at noon on July 7.

This year, Starr turns 83 years old but admitted that he still feels like he’s 27. Perhaps part of it has to do with his positive personality which has helped him to live a long and happy life. Of course, he still collaborates occasionally with his fellow surviving bandmate Paul McCartney but he also does his own thing. Recently, McCartney confirmed that they are working on a new song that features the late John Lennon’s voice taken from an old demo with the help of AI.


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In addition to working on a new Beatles track, Starr’s vocals will also appear on a highly-anticipated project: Dolly Parton’s upcoming album Rockstar. After receiving a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Parton assured fans that she would earn her keep and collaborated with many rockstars to create an album coming out this November. Starr, McCartney, Peter Frampton, and Mick Fleetwood will join Parton in a new rendition of “Let It Be,” another one of the Beatles’ hit songs.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 15: Ringo Starr performs with his All Star Band at The Greek Theatre on June 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

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Starr added that another way he stays feeling young is by keeping up with his drumming skills and staying up to date with new music. He said he often listens to the Los Angeles-based radio station 88.5, which shares new talents all the time.

As for his birthday, while he doesn’t eat sugar, he does have a bite of cake every year on his birthday. Happy birthday!

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