Terri Nunn of Berlin is Getting a Biopic Based on One Chapter of her Life

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 31: Berlin singer Terri Nunn performs at the 2002 West Hollywood Halloween Parade, featuring Pink October 31, 2002 on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California
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Get ready for another biopic hoping to take your breath away. The story will center around one chapter of famed radio DJ Richard Blade’s 2017 autobiography called World in My Eyes. Terri Nunn, best known for her part in the band Berlin, confirmed that the biopic will showcase her romance with Blade and will be called No More Words, a play on one of Berlin’s top hit songs. Nunn also teased that filmmakers are in talks with Florence Pugh or Julia Garner to play her in the film.

The film will give fans an inside look at the love affair between Blade and Nunn that started in 1982. Nunn called into the radio after hearing Blade call her one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen. After Blade invited Nunn to an upcoming DJ night, the two met and became inseparable. Berlin’s label at the time, Geffen Records, attempted to stop their romance once it became public.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - DECEMBER 12: Singer Terri Nunn of Berlin performs onstage during the 27th American Cinematheque Award honoring Jerry Bruckheimer at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 12, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California

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Nunn explained, “It made sense, because our music was so weird that [KROQ] was one of the only stations playing us — so, it probably scared Geffen, thinking now we’re going lose radio play [if Richard and I broke up]. The head of the label, David Geffen, once said to me, ‘You cannot date this particular man. … It was Richard Blade. I was dating him, and Geffen wasn’t happy about it. And it’s the only time that I ever [sassed back] to Geffen. Because he scared me, and I was so excited to have a job and be on his label. But at that meeting I said, ‘You will not tell me who I date. This is a business, and we’re going talk business stuff. But my personal life is off the table.’”

BURBANK CA - JULY 17: . Richard Blade KROQ DJ is a British-American Los Angeles-based radio, television, and film personality from Torquay, England. He is best known for his radio programs that feature new wave and popular music from the 1980s. photographed July 17 1996 in the KROQ recording studio in Burbank, California

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Unfortunately, about a year later when Nunn was finally ready to settle down with Blade, she found out that he was cheating on her. They broke up by the end of 1983 and their breakup inspired Berlin’s song “Sex (I’m A…)” on their album Pleasure Victim. Blade admitted in his book, “I had no idea that our conversation would be set to music and turned into one of the hottest dance songs of the early ‘80s.”

The two didn’t speak for years but Nunn says that they are now friends and have worked together, including on Blade’s autobiography’s audiobook. Although the film is based on just about a year and one chapter of a book, it sounds like it will still be pretty juicy. As for Nunn and Berlin, they are still going after 40 years together, continuing to perform hits such as “Take My Breath Away” and “The Metro,” plus they are working on a holiday album this year. They are also about to head out on tour with Boy George, Culture Club, and Howard Jones. Get your tickets here!

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