Attention ’90s Kids: Furby is Back and Cuter Than Ever


If you were born in the late ’80s or ’90s, you probably had a Furby growing up or at least knew a friend that had one. At first glance, they are an owl-like creature that speaks mainly gibberish and I will admit that I was obsessed with mine after it was released in 1998. I took it everywhere and would feed it so much that it would burp a hundred times in a row, making myself and my friends giggle hysterically. As I got older and Furby was banished to the basement, I swear that he would randomly make creepy noises and I was not alone in this phenomenon.

Google “Haunted Furby” and you’ll find tons of articles, videos, and images of stories about possessed Furbys. Whether you feel that the toys are cute or creepy, it is true that they are coming back and they look pretty different! Hasbro has announced that on July 15, the new line of Furbys will be released to major retailers (hint: they already seem to be available on Amazon!). The re-launch of Furby comes in two different versions (purple and coral) and they are slightly smaller and more adorable than their predecessors.

new hasbro furbys


For $70, they sure aren’t cheap but they do seem to have many new (and nostalgic) features. Meant to be a best friend, the creature has over 600 responses but the company assures worried parents that it cannot connect to the Internet or share your data. Furbys can chat with you, sing songs, laugh, dance, change colors, and glow. When two Furbys are together, they can be paired and interact with each other.

old furby


Just like the original versions, they speak both English and Furbish, a language that sounds like gibberish but is apparently their native tongue. The last time the Furby got a refresh was in 2016 but this one brags a ton of upgrades. Hasbro is certainly hoping to bank on nostalgia and bring back the Furby for audiences old and new.

new furby hasbro


Do I need a $70 toy meant for children? Definitely not. But do I want one even though I’m a grown adult? You bet I do. They’re just so cute and nostalgic and I bet it would drive my dogs crazy. What’s your take on the new Furbys? Do you want one for yourself or your kids/grandkids? If you’re interested, you can purchase them on Amazon here.

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