Paul Newman Gives an Iconic Performance in ‘Cool Hand Luke’

Courtesy Everett Collection

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Cool Hand Luke — Monday, March 6, at 8pm ET on MOVIES!

Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke"

Paul Newman gives one of the defining performances of his career, and cemented his place as a beautiful-rebel screen icon, with his Best Actor Oscar-nominated role as stubbornly tough and independent Lucas “Luke” Jackson in this famed 1967 prison drama. George Kennedy took home a Best Supporting Actor Oscar as Dragline, the brutal chain-gang boss who tries to beat loner Luke’s cool out of him in this film’s classic rebel-against-the-repressive-institution story. The movie is filled with iconic moments like the hard-boiled egg-eating contest, and lines like Strother Martin’s sadistic prison officer, the “Captain,” stating, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Cool Hand Luke certainly does not fail to communicate its message, or to entertain, after nearly 60 years.

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