Antenna TV Celebrates Mother’s Day With One Full Day of ‘One Day at a Time’

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(L-R): Mackenzie Phillips, Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Bertinelli in One Day at a Time

On Mother’s Day 2023 — Sunday, May 14 — Antenna TV is celebrating with what it is calling its “One-of-a-Kind, One Day at a Time Mother’s Day Marathon.”

Beginning at 5am ET on May 14, the network will be airing 24 hours of episodes from the beloved sitcom One Day at a Time, which features one of classic television’s most famous moms — Ann Romano (played by Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Bonnie Franklin), a divorced woman raising two teen daughters, Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and Barbara (Golden Globe winner Valerie Bertinelli), in Indianapolis.

One of the several fantastic sitcoms developed by the legendary Norman Lear in the ’70s, One Day at a Time was created by the husband-and-wife writing team of Whitney Blake and Alan Manings, and was based on Blake’s own life as a single mother raising three children (one of whom was future actress Meredith Baxter) after her divorce from her first husband.

The series originally ran from 1975-84, earning three Emmy nominations along the way, including one in 1982 for Franklin as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Its two Emmy wins were for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for Alan Rafkin (the 1982 episode “Barbara’s Crisis,” which is one of the episodes airing during this marathon) and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1984 for Pat Harrington Jr. as the family’s wacky building superintendent/handyman Dwayne Schneider, one of the greatest and funniest examples of the familiar “wacky neighbor” sitcom character type.

(Courtesy Everett Collection)

The episodes featured in Antenna’s marathon run roughly in chronological order of when they first aired.

Since Phillips was 16, and Bertinelli 15, when the series debuted, and both in their early 20s when it ended, the themes and storylines for the mother and daughters over these episodes range from early ones about prepping for college and being pressured to go “all the way” by a boyfriend, to later ones, involving marriage and potentially starting families of their own. There are also a number of multi-part episodes from over the run of the show.

Antenna TV’s One-of-a-Kind, One Day at a Time Mother’s Day Marathon Episode Lineup (All Times Eastern)

Sunday, May 14, 2023

5am: “Super Blues”
5:30am: “All the Way”
6am: “The College Man”
6:30am: “The Traveling Salesperson”
7am: “The New Car”
7:30am: “J.C. and Julie (aka) Julie’s Decision, Part 1”
8am: “J.C. and Julie (aka) Julie’s Decision, Part 2”
8:30am: “Julie’s Operation”
9am: “The College Question”
9:30am: “The Girls Alone, (aka Where’s Mama?)”
10am: “Ann’s Competitor”
10:30am: “Barbara’s Friend, Part 1”
11am: “Barbara’s Friend, Part 2”
11:30am: “The Married Man, Part 1”
12pm: “The Married Man, Part 2”
12:30pm: “The Married Man, Part 3”
1pm: “Jealousy, Part 1”

1:30pm: “Jealousy, Part 2”
2pm: “The Graduation”
2:30pm: “Between Mother and Daughter”
3pm: “Heart Attack”
3:30pm: “Et Tu, Ann?”
4pm: “So Long, Mom (aka Not Telling)”
4:30pm: “Ann Meets Nick, Part 1”
5pm: “Ann Meets Nick, Part 2”
5:30pm: “The Drop Out”
6pm: “Once a Mom”
6:30pm: “November Song, Part 1”
7pm: “November Song, Part 2”
7:30pm: “Alex Moves In”
8pm: “Barbara’s Crisis”
8:30pm: “Julie Shows Up, Part 1”
9pm: “Julie Shows Up, Part 2”
9:30pm: “Dinner at Seven, Part 1”
10pm: “Dinner at Seven, Part 2”
10:30pm: “Ann’s Failure”
11pm: “Alex’s First Love”
11:30pm: “The Perfect Wedding, Part 1”

(Courtesy Everett Collection)

Monday, May 15, 2023

12am: “The Perfect Wedding, Part 2”
12:30am: “Miracle of Birth, Part 1”
1am: “Miracle of Birth, Part 2”
1:30am: “Second Time Around”
2am: “Honeymoon II”
2:30am: “Baby Love, Part 1”
3am: “Baby Love, Part 2”
3:30am: “Parting Company”
4am: “Bring in the Clowns”
4:30am: “Off We Go”