You Said His Name 3 Times Didn’t You? ‘Beetlejuice Beetlejuice’ Is Coming!

BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton, 1988
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Did you say his name three times? That’s right, Beetlejuice is back, baby! The highly-anticipated sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is coming this fall, just in time for the spooky season. Warner Bros. has officially set a theatrical premiere date for the film of September 6, 2024. Tim Burton is working on the sequel to his 1988 film, which catapulted him to a new level of fame. There have been talks about a sequel for literal decades but nothing stuck until now. Of course, the first film led to an animated series and a Beetlejuice musical that is currently on tour but fans likely cannot wait for a second round of hilarious horror in movie form.

Original star Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice) and Wednesday star Jenna Ortega (she will play Lydia’s daughter) have signed on for the movie. In addition, Winona Ryder will reprise her role as Lydia, Catherine O’Hara is back, and Justin Theroux has also been cast. Composer Danny Elfman, who often teams up with Burton for his films, will create the music.

BEETLEJUICE, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, 1988

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While it is exciting to learn about some of the casting news, there have been no details shared about the plot thus far. The first movie starts with the story of a couple, Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) who unfortunately die in a car accident and are now stuck in their home as ghosts. They don’t really mind until a new family moves into their home and they try to devise a plan to get rid of them so they can have their privacy once again.

BEETLEJUICE, Winona Ryder, 1988

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Their plan involves Betelgeuse (the character’s true name, but it made sense to market the film as Beetlejuice instead), a villain who exorcises humans instead of ghosts. He proves himself as untrustworthy and Adam and Barbara try to scare the family out of the home themselves but the daughter Lydia (Ryder) can actually see them. Lydia’s father Charles (Jeffrey Jones) and stepmother Delia (Catherine O’Hara) try to bring the ghosts into the real world but this would wipe them out completely. Lydia summons Betelgeuse and agrees to marry him in order to save Adam and Barbara. Ultimately, they are able to stop Betelgeuse, and the last we saw of him he was nine millionths in line for an appointment in the afterlife.

BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton (center), 1988

Warner Brothers/Everett Collection

The film is currently available to stream on Max if you’re in need of a refresher before the new film comes out. The official teaser trailer has been released and the Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte made an appearance!

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