Keanu Reeves and His Band Dogstar are Ready for Another ‘Excellent Adventure!’

Dogstar band Keanu Reeves
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For the first time in over twenty years, Keanu Reeves has reunited with his band Dogstar and they are promising fans new music. Dogstar, which is relatively inactive on social media, recently shared a photo of the bandmates which include Reeves, Robert Mailhouse, and Bret Domrose at a photo shoot. The caption promises “exciting news coming soon” and thanks fans “for being so patient.”

The band technically reunited last year but has yet to announce touring dates or new music. Reeves and Mailhouse started the band in 1991 with Gregg Miller. He was the original lead guitarist and vocalist but left in 1995 and was replaced by Domrose. Reeves is the bassist while Mailhouse is the drummer and percussionist. They released one EP and two studio albums, with the latest being 2000’s Happy Ending.


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The story of how Dogstar began is a sweet one, much like many of the stories about Reeves interacting with the public. Reeves and Mailhouse met at a grocery store when Reeves noticed that Mailhouse was wearing a Detroit Red Wings hockey sweater and asked if he needed a goalie. The two bonded over their love of hockey and music often just jamming in a garage. The name Dogstar was inspired by the book Sexus by Henry Miller.

372438 01: Actor Keanu Reeves performs July 7, 2000 with his band "Dogstar" at Irving Plaza in New York City

George De Sota/Liaison

Although the band obviously has other commitments, they did tour around the world for some time. Eventually, other work commitments led to their breakup in 2002 with their final performance being in Japan. Domrose continued his musical career as a solo artist and with the band Berlin. He also writes music for film and television. Of course, Reeves is an actor recently reprising his role as John Wick in a new film. Reeves and Mailhouse have also performed in a band called “becky.” Mailhouse also acts on television and has appeared in Seinfeld and Days of Our Lives.

The band appears to be ready to make an announcement soon and fans are certainly excited about the prospect of new music and new touring dates. Are you interested in Dogstar’s new tunes and tours?

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