Annual ‘Twilight Zone’ Marathon Returns This July 4th

THE TWILIGHT ZONE, logo, 1959-64
Everett Collection

Get ready to enter The Twilight Zone! If you need something to watch while you beat the heat on July 4th this year, you can check out the Annual Twilight Zone Marathon called Rod, White & Blue: A Twilight Zone Celebration on the Heroes & Icons Network.

The marathon will last all weekend if you’re too busy celebrating the holiday outdoors with some fun in the sun. It will begin on Thursday, July 4 at 6am ET/PT and continue through Monday, July 8 at 6am ET/PT. For years, it aired on the DECADES network and became a fan-favorite event, moving to H&I last year. This year they will show 174 back-to-back episodes.

TWILIGHT ZONE, 1959-64, Rod Serling, 1963

Everett Collection

The Twilight Zone originally aired on CBS from 1959 until 1964, hosted by Rod Serling. Of course, it eventually spawned several sequels and has become one of the biggest science fiction franchises, even sparking a popular ride at several Disney parks (The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror). Each episode was a blend of horror, sci-fi and even fantasy and usually featured a moral dilemma or plot twist, often speaking to social issues from the ’60s.

black and white image from the "Eye of the Beholder" episode of "The Twilight Zone." It is a closeup of a woman whose entire head and face is wrapped in bandages. She is reaching up as if desperately wanting to tear the bandages off, while a pair of another person's hands are grasping her wrists and holding them back.

Everett Collection

After the marathon, H&I is excited to present some other nostalgic favorites including a weekly Star Trek lineup, Nash Bridges on Mondays, Lethal Weapon on Tuesdays, The A-Team on Wednesdays, The Fall Guy on Thursdays and Hawaii Five-O on Fridays. Plus, the network will be airing old episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger.

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