Svengoolie Shares Perfectly Curated Horror Movie List for June

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Horror fans, we are now more than halfway to Halloween! For the month of June, Svengoolie is bringing you more Vincent Price and Roger Corman. On June 16th, Svengoolie is also celebrating the anniversary of his first appearance on television and the current Svengoolie opened up about the passing of the torch of the iconic character. The original Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop decided that Rich Koz would take over as the iconic character.

Koz is known as Son of Svengoolie but during a recent visit with Bishop, he decided to transfer the full name as well. Koz wrote in the newsletter, “I told him I was thinking about maybe shortening the name to “Sven” or, that with an adjective before it, and Jerry very generously said “look – you’re all grown up – just be ‘Svengoolie’!” He had so graciously chosen me to continue as the Svengoolie character as the “Son”, and now, honored me even more by allowing me to take the name that he had created for his original character. Jerry’s generosity – his faith in me – and the fact that he was so proud of what we’ve accomplished – is the greatest honor I could ever have.”

The Monolith Monsters Grant Williams, Lola Albright, 1957

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Now that we got the sappy stuff out of the way, let’s find out which movies Svengoolie has chosen for the first month of summer. The first film, which aired on June 1, was The Tingler, starring Vincent Price and directed by William Castle. The film is about a parasite that lives within everyone and when the person feels fear, the parasite causes their spine to tingle. An interesting take on being scared and the feeling of a tingle going down your spine!

The Pit and the Pendulum from left: Vincent Price, Barbara Steele, 1961

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Saturday, June 8, The Monolith Monsters will air. The 1957 film finds the residents of a desert community threatened when fragments of a meteor fall to Earth and become even more powerful when they come in contact with water. The film stars Grant Williams and Lola Albright. On June 15, Svengoolie celebrates the late Corman, who passed away last month. The film The Pit and the Pendulum also starring Price, is loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe stories. Fans can expect a tribute to Corman as well.

The Undead 1957

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For the last two weekends in June, June 22 will feature 1960’s Leech Woman, which stars Coleen Grey as a woman who wants to stay young by any means necessary, even if it means murdering some youths. On June 29, The Undead, directed by Corman, will air and the film is all about reincarnation and time travel. Watch the films every Saturday at 8 pm ET on MeTV. For more info you can sign up for his monthly newsletter here. Which one are you most excited about?

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