Joan Collins Debates Past & Present Beauty Standards: Do You Agree With Her?

The Bitch Joan Collins 1979
Everett Collection

Joan Collins of Dynasty fame is 91 years old and isn’t done stirring things up quite yet! She is quite active on social media and recently brought up a debate about the beauty industry, comparing the past to the present. A few weeks ago, Collins shared a throwback photo of herself, wearing a black and white plaid mini dress with a very thin waist. She captioned the photo, “Have women’s bodies changed? Decades ago most women had naturally small #waists. Is this trend coming back?”

She was seemingly jumping into the conversation about Kim Kardashian‘s controversial Met Gala outfit which featured an extremely tight corset. Collins’ questions sparked a heated debate in the comments where fans questioned if corsets and girdles were commonplace back then, leading to a smaller waist, or if women ate less due to food shortages or dieting. Some said that people used to be smaller due to food scarcities so it wasn’t something to celebrate.


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Others called his trend of extremely small waists problematic and talked about how it can lead to unrealistic beauty standards and even eating disorders. One fan commented, “Women are always held to unrealistic beauty standards. 🙂‍↕️Dame Joan as an actress was held to even higher standards. We need to move on.”

Whether you agree with Collins’ opinion on this matter or not, you can likely agree that she has been beautiful throughout the years. Let’s take a look back on Collins through the decades in honor of her birthday (May 23):

Young Joan Collins


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Cosh Boy Joan Collins 1952

Everett Collection


The Road to Hong Kong Joan Collins 1962

Everett Collection


Fear in the Night Joan Collins 1972

Everett Collection


Dynasty Joan Collins, 1981-1989

Everett Collection


Annie: A Royal Adventure! Joan Collins 1995

Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection


Flintstones in the Viva Rock Vegas Joan Collins 2000

Everett Collection


American Horror Story: Apocalypse Joan Collins (Season 8, 2018)

Kurt Iswarienko/FX/Everett Collection

What is your favorite role that Joan Collins has played?

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