Bad News for Fans Excited About the ‘Friday the 13th’ Prequel ‘Crystal Lake’

Camp Crystal Lake promo art

Things are not looking good for fans excited about a Friday the 13th prequel. Previously, it was said that a prequel series surrounding the popular horror franchise was in the works at Peacock. Now, reports say that executive producer Bryan Fuller has left the project and it may be scrapped for good. It was originally announced on Halloween 2022 and the show, called Crystal Lake, would serve as a look inside the origin of the Friday the 13th universe.

Reportedly, original Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller was attached to the project. Additionally, Adrienne King, who played Alice Hardy in the first film was cast and shared a photo from the writers’ room in March 2023. No doubt that the WGA strike slowed things down but it is unclear why the project may be abandoned now.

Fuller, who worked on the Hannibal series on NBC, was going to give a similar feel to this new series and fans are disappointed that he is now out of the project. Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali revealed on social media that he read the first two scripts and thought it was going to be a great show. He shared, “Bryan Fuller’s Crystal Lake was well on its way to becoming another Hannibal-level reinvention that was simultaneously beautiful, sad, poetic, funny and horrifying. I mourn its passing.”

Friday the 13th Adrienne King, 1980

Everett Collection

Scream writer Kevin Williamson was also attached to Crystal Lake and once shared that the plot surrounded the grief of Jason Voorhees’ mother. He added, “Bummin’ hard, so sorry I won’t be a part of what would have been an epic Bryan Fuller show. Your pilot was so beautifully realized. A gorgeous portrait of a mother unraveling in her grief. Not to mention bloody horrific! I was so looking forward to our hour long chase episode!”

Bryan Fuller attends the Vulture Festival at The Standard High Line on May 20, 2017 in New York City

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

Stay tuned for more details on this ongoing story and if the prequel series will get picked up by anyone else.

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