‘Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes’ Documentary Debuts in August

THE V.I.P.S, Elizabeth Taylor, 1963
Everett Collection

Over a decade has passed since Elizabeth Taylor‘s death but the interest in her life has never waned. Now, a new documentary called Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes is premiering at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. It will then premiere on HBO on August 3, 2024, and stream on Max.

The documentary explores Taylor’s life and is narrated in her own voice, making it a unique way for fans to discover more about the icon. It will feature never-before-seen footage from interviews and her personal archives including photos and home movies. Directed by Nanette Burstein, the film aims to showcase Taylor’s triumphs and struggles through a new lens.

Elizabeth Taylor, The Lost Tapes

Image Courtesy of Frank Worth/HBO

Burstein got access to over 40 hours of new, intimate audio interviews with journalist Richard Meryman. In those interviews, Taylor became very vulnerable about her fame and personal identity, even talking about the public scrutiny she faced during her long career.

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor, 1963

20th Century Fox Film Corp./Everett Collection

According to the press release, “These candid conversations peel back the layers of one of cinema’s most enduring icons, revealing a woman at odds with her public image, yearning for respect and agency. The film follows the life of an actress who defied the era’s expectations by portraying strong-willed women on-screen, offering a nuanced portrait of the intersection of vulnerability and strength.”

In addition to Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes, Kim Kardashian is working on a new film about Taylor as she was the last person to interview Taylor before she passed away in 2011. Are you interested in watching these documentaries when they premiere? What is your favorite film starring Taylor?

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