New Book Claims to Have Evidence of Marilyn Monroe & JFK Affair

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All you conspiracy theorists out there… there is a new book that is diving into some of the juiciest and darkest secrets from the past. Fred Otash was a private detective who became known as a “Hollywood fixer.” Some of his audio files revealed some crazy secrets and now some of those are being shared in The Fixer: Moguls, Mobsters, Movie Stars, and Marilyn, including more about the alleged affair between former President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

While Otash died in 1992, his daughter Colleen granted access to his personal archives for the book. Co-author Josh Young said, “Fred equalized the playing field for a lot of people. The LAPD and the FBI were wiretapping celebrities and getting information that way. But Fred had his own wiretapping system that was just as sophisticated as theirs, if not more. … He busted a Hollywood casting couch early on in his career where a producer was taking advantage of a young [girl] who came to town. He came to the aid of many celebrities during that time when they had nowhere else to go and conventional law enforcement was not an option.”

Traffic accident victims at hospital, 3 February 1958. Fred Otash (injured in auto crash);Jewell Morgan -- 27 years (girl friend).;Caption slip reads: 'Photographer: Gray. Date: 1958-02-03. Reporter: Decker. Assignment: Otash. 105-106: Fred Otash with girl friend Jewell Morgan, 27, at Hollywood Receiving Hospital after Fred was involved in traffic accident'.

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In the book, it shares that they found audio recordings of an affair between JFK and Monroe. Young added, “Yes, these were audio recordings. Those were made at Peter Lawford’s Santa Monica beach house. And they were made through a series of circumstances that I’ll let the readers delve into in the book.”

U.S. President John F. Kennedy speaks during a televised speech to the nation about the strategic blockade of Cuba and his warning to the Soviet Union about missile sanctions during the Cuban missile crisis October 24, 1962 in Washington, DC. Former Russian and U.S. officials attending a conference commemorating the 40th anniversary of the missile crisis October 2002 in Cuba said that the world was closer to a nuclear conflict during the 1962 standoff between Cuba and the U.S., than governments were aware of.

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The book alleges that Peter Lawford hired Otash to help keep JFK’s affairs secret. The book reads, “Marilyn Monroe was certainly the most famous movie star ever recorded having sex with Kennedy, but she wasn’t the first. That dubious honor went to fellow bottle blonde actress Jayne Mansfield. A close friend of Lawford, ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ star was considered by some to be Monroe’s competition at 20th Century Fox.”

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Young continued, “Fred had Marilyn’s house on Fifth Helena Drive tapped for a variety of reasons that we go into in the book. And on the night that she died, the wires were active. We reveal what Fred heard on those audio tapes, which goes into the mystery of what happened the night that Marilyn died. I think, for me, it adds another piece to the puzzle. Marilyn’s death is one of those things that has been mythologized, misconstrued and written about … even many of the people who were involved at the time. And those who claimed they went to her house after she died later changed their stories for profit. I think it was nice to have a little bit of a slice of what may have gone on. Fred himself made recordings of his experiences. It was through those tapes that we were able to glean his quotes of what he said happened that night.”

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