What Exactly is Cameo? The Website That Brings You Personalized Messages From Your Favorite Stars

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Cameo is a pretty fun concept. The website aims to connect celebrities and their fans in a more personalized and intimate way. The website was created in 2017 but grew quickly during the pandemic and then again during the actor’s strike as a way for celebs to make some cash and fans to have their day brightened. While you can certainly book a cameo for yourself, it is also a really special gift. My dad was shocked when he received a video from actor Larry Thomas aka Seinfeld‘s Soup Nazi on his 70th birthday. I’ve also booked videos as a bachelorette party gift and a pick-me-up for my husband.

How does Cameo work?

Cameo website screenshot

Cameo Screenshot

If you have a favorite celebrity or show/movie in mind, you can search right on the website. Sometimes I like to search for a show or movie just to see which of its stars are offering videos. The website also has reality show stars, athletes, musicians, social media creators and many more. Of course, the more famous or popular the person is, the more their videos will cost. A lesser-known star might offer a personalized video for under $10 while the most popular could cost you thousands. Sometimes the stars asking for higher numbers will donate to charity.

Invasion U.S.A. Chuck Norris, 1985

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Once you find someone, you can click on them to review their page. You can see ratings and reviews from other fans and get all of the information on cost. When you decide to book them, you can pick a personal video (great for yourself or a gift) or a video for a business (if you own a business, you could get a celeb to promote your product but it will cost you more!). Then, you let them know who the video is for and the occasion (birthday, Mother’s Day, pep talk, fan question, or even a roast!). It allows you to write a little bit about the person and the occasion and let the star know what you’d like them to talk about. Many of them lean into their iconic character for the video. You can pay extra for a 24-hour delivery but generally, they can take up to a week to get back to you with the video. Once complete, you’ll be emailed a video that is yours to keep and share forever!

Which nostalgic stars are on Cameo?

Grease 2 Didi Conn 1982

Paramount/Everett Collection

When I was doing some research for this article, I came across SO many nostalgic stars! At the time of posting, you can book Jon Lovitz, Chuck Norris, Didi Conn, Tommy Chong, Ernie Hudson, Debbe Dunning, Jamie Farr, Barry Williams and so many more. Let me know, have you ever booked a Cameo? If you’ve never heard of it, tell me who you found on the site while searching around! Sometimes it’s just fun to look and say… Chuck Norris is charging $450?! Right now, some stars are offering a discount for Mother’s Day. Check out Cameo here.

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