It’s a ‘Longmire’ Reunion For Bailey Chase and A Martinez in ‘Far Haven’

Far Haven credit INSP, Bailey Chase and A Martinez from Longmire reunite
Credit: INSP

Former Longmire costars A Martinez and Bailey Chase are back in cowboy boots and hats in a new TV western original film.

“If standing up for what I believe in makes me a coward, then so be it,” Hunter Braddock (Bailey Chase) tells his two children in the follow-good-morals Western Far Haven, which makes its premiere on INSP Sunday, April 14 at 9pmET.

In 1887, after serving two years in prison, the virtuous and wrongfully accused Braddock moves back to the Arizona town of Far Haven to start over with his children. Things don’t go well, and one of the only kindred spirits he finds is loner Abraham Chavez (A Martinez).

“It’s such a clear story about redemption and about the power of courage under difficult circumstances,” shares Martinez.

In the film Abraham and Hunter share a brotherhood of sorts — outsiders who are constantly being judged, who find a friendship with one another knowing they both have a worthy conscience.

“That sense of brotherhood was real easy for me to play, frankly, because I felt that way about Bailey Chase when I was working on Longmire,” Marinez tells. “He was so much of an ally in the work down to the point where if I was missing a line in a scene, he would remind me of it in the most gentle way. Just so respectful. Most people wouldn’t bother to do that. And we became really tied. We had good story together, we were allies in the storytelling, and it turned into an alliance as actors as well.”

The story resonated with Martinez not only for its message and the respect he had for his costar, but also for the film’s historical accuracy depicting a massacre that actually happened.

“I was aware of that outrageous event and I thought it was great that [producer and director] Gary Wheeler chose to bring that into the story. … It’s not something that gets referenced very often in the culture [and is known], unless you’re an Indigenous person and you have it seared in your memory.”

Far Haven premieres on INSP Sunday, April 14 at 9pmET.

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