Ready For a Real TV History Challenge?

White Mountain Puzzle of TV History featuring a collage of TV stars and TV moments
White Mountain Puzzles

This week ReMind is giving away this amazing puzzle on Television History from  White Mountain Puzzles in our daily Pop Quiz.

If you haven’t played, it’s super easy. Every weekday (so that’s Monday through Friday) we feature a daily trivia quiz that includes just three questions. Answer the questions and enter to win. You can play daily or wait until the end of the week and answer all five pop quizzes then. The more you play the better your chance to win. Every week we give away a new prize. The Television History puzzle, from White Mountain Puzzles, is the prize for this week only (this week’s trivia contest ends Sunday, April 9).

But let’s get back to this puzzle and celebrate the work of artist James Mellett whose perfectly weaved together more than 250 TV stars and unforgettable moments in American television history in this 1,000 piece puzzle. In honor of this, we’ve put together 5 totally random bits of info from some of the stars and shows featured in this snippet of the puzzle (can you find them?).

Did You Know?

1. Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas have been married for over 40 years.

Talk show host Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas wed on May 21, 1980. “I went on his show, and that was the end of story, as they say,” Thomas once said. The two currently host a podcast titled “Double Date With Marlo Thomas & Phil Donahue,” where they visit the homes of famous long-marrieds for colorful conversations. They’ve visited Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan, President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter and more. The two also penned the New York Times bestseller What Makes a Marriage Last. Can you find Phil in the puzzle?

2. Sammy Davis Jr. kissed TV’s biggest bigot.

Six months before Sammy Davis Jr. hugged Richard Nixon at the Republican National Convention, he kissed America’s then most lovable bigot, Archie Bunker (played by Carroll O’Connor). The episode, “Sammy’s Visit” aired on Feb. 19, 1972. “If you were prejudiced, you’d go around thinking you’re better than anyone else in the world, Archie,” Sammy says in the episode. “But I can honestly say you’ve proven to me that you ain’t better than anybody!” And then he infamously planted a kiss on a startled Archie Bunker. Can you find Archie in the puzzle?

3. The Flintstones were based on The Honeymooners.

The four main characters of The Flintstones were based on the four The Honeymooners characters of Ralph (Jackie Gleason), Alice (Audrey Meadows), Norton (Art Carney) and Trixie (Joyce Randolph). Can you find Ralph in the puzzle?

4. Wheel of Fortune‘s Vanna White has never worn the same dress twice.

She told us in an interview that she never wears the same dress twice, also adding: “I really like bright colors and pastel colors — warm colors like a flower. Pink. Baby blue. Bright orange. But my favorite is comfortable. I don’t get to keep the dresses but I do get to borrow them if I’m going to a charity event or a Good Morning America segment or something like that.” Can you find Vanna in the puzzle?

5. Bob Barker loves to make people feel good.

The Price Is Right legend, Bob Barker, once talked about how he wanted contestants to enjoy themselves and look back on their experience with fond memories. “My job is to make other people funny. That’s what it is that I do,” he said. “One of the highest compliments I’ve ever received was from an elderly woman on my show years ago. Afterward she wrote me a letter. ‘Thank you for choosing me,’ she said. ‘You made me feel wonderful. In all my life, I have never been that funny.’” Can you find Bob in the puzzle?


We are obsessed with these puzzles, so check back for future prize giveaways!