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Promotional portrait of American actor Marlon Brando with his arms folded, circa 1951.
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Journalist and pop culture expert Burt Kearns has dug deep into the less-explored aspects of Marlon Brando‘s career and personality in a new book called Marlon Brando: Hollywood Rebel. Cataloging his rise to fame, starting from his troubled childhood, and dissecting how and why Brando became such an icon for generations of actors that followed, the book is an intimate and detailed retelling of Brando’s life beyond being a Hollywood Icon.

THE WILD ONE, Marlon Brando, 1954, leather jacket

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Parts of the book depart from Brando’s life and go into interesting historical anecdotes, too. Especially interesting is the story of the Boozefighters, a motorcycle gang that would later inspire the film The Wild One. How did they get such a name? Well, apparently, the gang of motorcycle enthusiasts were at their regular bar one day wondering what to call themselves when a fellow bar patron said, “You might as well call yourselves the Boozefighters, ’cause all you ever do is sit around the bar and fight that booze.” That was all it took! The Boozefighters were one of the very first post-World War II “outlaw biker” clubs, though they wouldn’t get dangerous until decades later.

Many more chapters detailing Brando’s personal life and public persona, as well as the makings of his now-classic films, are interspersed throughout. If you’re a Brando fan or want to know more about Hollywood life behind the scenes, this is a good book to purchase for your collection.

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