Was Michael Douglas’ Grandfather a Wanted Man? ‘Finding Your Roots’ Reveals Interesting Familial History in Upcoming Episode

Michael Douglas on Finding Your Roots
Courtesy of PBS

In the upcoming April 2nd episode of Finding Your Roots on PBSHenry Louis Gates Jr. and his research team uncover some very interesting and surprising facts about the ancestors of Hollywood icon Michael Douglas and director/actress Lena Dunham.

Both Douglas and Dunham have some Jewish heritage, so much of the episode involves traveling back to some of the darker days of history. But Douglas, specifically, is shocked to learn about his grandpa, Herschel “Harry” Danielovitch, and the reasons behind his immigration from Russia.

You’ll have to tune in to find out, but you won’t be disappointed!

LOS ANGELES - APRIL 7: Actor Kirk Douglas (L) and son producer/actor Michael Douglas arrive at the premiere of "It Runs In The Family" at the Bruin Theater on April 7, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.

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In addition to the surprising twists in his family history, Douglas also discusses his father, Kirk Douglas, and the challenges that came with becoming the son of one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. Kirk Douglas, known for classic films like Spartacus, Paths of Glory, The Final Countdown and Lust For Life, cast quite a shadow, one that Michael spent many years evading. Now, of course, he’s a superstar in his own right.

Douglas has recently made the jump from the big screen to the small screen. You can catch him playing Benjamin Franklin on the new Apple TV+ series, Franklin, which premieres Friday, April 12.