Journey Fans Turn to Facebook to Congratulate Steve Perry and Band on Biggest Song of All Time

Steve Perry of Journey performing at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois, May 21, 1982
Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Beloved Journey singer and songwriter Steve Perry recently shared his enthusiasm for the band’s worldwide recognition for “Don’t Stop Believin’” (1981) being named the Biggest Song of All Time by Forbes, and his legion of fans took no time to respond back.

Perry shared on Facebook:

“When this ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ “The Biggest Song of ALL Time” article came out yesterday {3/19/24}, I was so emotionally stunned. To be part of such a moment as this made me reflect on my parents. By that I mean, though I lost them both years ago, I was so happy for them because they are truly the reason this is happening. My dad was a singer and both of them were very musical. So on behalf of my Mom and Dad, I thank every one of you for so many years of support. -Sincerely, Steve Perry”

Steve Perry Facebook post from March 20, 2024

Earlier this year, Perry also updated fans on his remastering of the original Journey analog masters. Sharing he was excited to revisit those original tapes. He also shared that Journey Greatest Hits (1988) had been certified 18X Platinum in the U.S. and was tied for 13th best-selling album of ALL TIME according to the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America). You can follow Perry on Facebook here.

Guitarist Neal Schon, who still plays with the band under now lead singer Arnel Pineda, also added to Perry’s post: “I may self reflect back to the time we spent in my studio in Oakland, CA, where we wrote it. This was the 3 of us Jon, Steve and myself with band where we collectively wrote this song ‘DSB’ has become somewhat of a world anthem! A lot to be proud of congrats to everybody.”

On Schon’s own page he announced the honor and also shared the band’s current tour schedule.

Neal Schon of Journey posts on Don't Stop Believing being named Biggest Song of All Time

With “Don’t Stop Believin’” (DSB) being one of the most downloaded songs of the 20th century, naturally thousands of fans from around the world poured in their support and enthusiasm congratulating Perry, Schon, Jonathan Cain (the original writers) and the current band for the accomplishment.

• “On behalf of your fans, we thank your parents, too. We thank you for the courage and dedication to keep making beautiful music. And for taking a chance with Journey. All my love and admiration.” — Debbie Bachrach

• “Steve Perry never underestimate your talent and the influence you have on our culture, people, and rock and roll! ❤️ Love the music!” — Betsy Dennis

• “This song is forever. It really picks you up when you feel lost and just want to give up. The emotion is strong felt; it hits your core. All together you ignited such a powerful and substantial influence. The Answer!” — Linda Jane Cruz

• “Congratulations Steve Perry! Bringing your experiences to the song definitely made it what is. Love the passion you put into music, still listening 40+ years later! Don’t Stop Believing in your magic! ❤️‍🔥” — Bo Chin

• “This song is Timeless and speaks to all of us…even 40 years later. What an accomplishment.” — Norma Staszkiewicz

• “Congratulations on such high praise!! 👏👏 Those three words are like an “Anthem for the Ages” or stages. Life happens…Don’t Stop Believin’” — Sharon Thallas

• “The Biggest song, sung by the Best voice of all time 🐐🥇 Thank you so much for sharing that great voice with us throughout the years 🙏 Your Journey years, your solo career and your participation in ‘We Are the World,’ is truly amazing 🤩 Your parents must have been so proud of who you are and all of your achievements. Wish you all the best for years to come!” — Espen Kjaerland

• “Congratulations Steve Perry! This is so well deserved. You’re so humble to give your parents the credit — I’m sure they were very proud of you. So glad your mom encouraged you to keep going and not give up on your dream. Your voice is a God-given gift that we’ve all been blessed to enjoy all these years and your fans are so grateful for all the great memories you and Journey collectively have given us. ‘DSB’ was written by you, Neal and Jon, but it became the greatest song of all time due to your iconic voice. You will always be ‘The (greatest) Voice’ of all time! Hope you know you’re appreciated and your fans have never ‘stopped believin’! And thanks for listening to your Mom!😉🎶” 💛 — Julayne Sinicki

• “I’ve been thinking about how you respond when people congratulate you on your success and immense talent. I want to assure you that you truly are amazing! You possess the Midas touch for any work you are involved in. Not only are you gifted with talent, but you also have years of experience and a passion that stems from deep emotions. I felt it was very humble of you to credit your parents for your recent success, but you must know that your parents have been proud of you since the day you were born, and even now, looking down on you from Heaven, they are most proud not only of your musical achievements but also of the kind of human being you have become. They are proud of you for all the difficult struggles you have overcome and your courage that shines through every day as you keep moving forward and taking risks in love and life. You are too hard on yourself sometimes. I want you to know that you can take a deep breath and relax. You are doing so well and have been doing well and will continue to do well. You have made your mark in this world and in the hearts of millions, and you will continue to do so. So today, hold your head high and know that you are loved.” — Victoria Scragg

• “Neal congrats! Thank you for keeping Journey alive. Show after show sold out. What a success. I attended 6 of them in the past 2 years, you guys still have millions of fans.” — Marty Martin

Here’s more information on Journey’s current 50th Anniversary Freedom Tour and dates with Def Leppard, The Steve Miller Band, Heart and Cheap Trip.